Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still life with clementines

Working on a still life with clementines, lit by a combination of warm
and cool fluorescent light...


  1. I am a great fan of your work. I hope one day to be able to paint as well as you.

  2. It's a very good job Jos. Bravo !!

  3. This turned out to be a great demo. I'm also a self taught oil painter (not nearly as skilled as you yet) and since I'm still relatively new to the art I love the challenge of creating the illusion of various textures like that of citrus. I'm still getting the hang of it, but thanks to your videos I find the learning process that much more interesting

  4. I was wondering how you hung that skinny shelf. it's so interesting to see how other people work. I never would have thought of staging a still-life like that. Anyway, I love your paintings. They are quiet, peaceful and lovely.


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